Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Territory Ahead...


First of all...welcome to my very first blog! I have to admit, I signed up for this page quite some time ago & designing the page seemed so overwhelming I ignored it. But that's never really possible. It just became one more thing on my to-do list NOT getting done! When I realized I had a new, exciting experience to write about I decided to bite the bullet and write my first blog & worry about making the page fabulous later!

So, what's the new, exciting adventure you ask??? We got our very first catalog order!!!

I was approached at a holiday show about the possability of a catalog order. I have to admit, the idea was equal parts exhilerating & overwhelming! I mean, what an amazing way to grow this little business but, are we ready? Well, come February we were overnighting samples to a design meeting in CA and by April we had an order! An order for 50 bracelets & 50 necklaces! That was followed by CeRee & I trying to wrap our heads around what 50 pieces of the same items would even look like! I mean, I've had hundreds of pieces of jewelry at a time during show seasons but never mass amounts of one particular item!

I have to admit, the start was slow. We received the order during April when we had 3 shows. Plus we were trying to finish renovations on our house and I will have to save the animal rescue stories, that happened during this time, for another blog! Let's just say when it rains it pours! But we stuck with it & were madly producing until the last minute but....drum roll shipped Friday! The weight lifted was HUGE and a beer was definately in order!

Oh, I guess I should tell you what's The Territory Ahead. They are under the umbrella of Ballard Designs, Garnet Hill, etc. From what I understand they are revamping the catalog a bit. So, I'm excited to see the fall issue...well, for two reasons!

For now, check out the pics...catalog image to follow in Aug or Sept.

Until next time...


p.s. Please don't give up on me & the website! I swear we will have on-line items for sale soon!


  1. Congratulations my friends !!!!
    This is great news, I wish you the best luck !!

  2. WOW WOW, WOW!!!!!
    I am so happy for you guys! You deserve it a million times over!

  3. That is wonderful, congrats! I can't wait to see the catalog pics.

  4. So, so excited for you!!!! You deserve'll be quitting that day job in no time!